Putting Love Back into your Creativity…and Cookies!

Putting Love Back into your Creativity…and Cookies!

Putting Love Back into your Creativity…and Cookies!

 Have you lost your passion, your creativity, your love for decorating cookies? It happens to all of us.  You just don’t feel the love anymore. Love for what you do.  Love from the fulfillment you get from your creations.  Love from the people for whom you are baking. 

Love can have a significant impact on creativity.    

Here’s how:

  1. Inspiration: Love, whether it is for a person, an idea, or a passion such as creating unique and beautiful cookies, can be a powerful source of inspiration.  It can drive you to think more deeply, feel more intensely, and see the world in a different light, which can all fuel creativity.

  2. Emotional Expression: Love often involves complex emotions and creativity is a way to express those emotions.  Many artists, writers, musicians, creators, and yes, even bakers draw from their experiences of love and use their art as a means to convey those feelings. After all, you must LOVE the creative process to spend so much time on something that will be devoured in seconds by a six-year-old.

  3. Motivation: When you love something or someone deeply, you are more likely to be motivated to dedicate time and effort to it.  This dedication can lead to more focused and productive creative work. For example, the joy you feel when someone absolutely loves your cookies after you have spent many long nights in the kitchen.

  4. Empathy: Love can enhance your ability to understand and empathize with others (family, friends, or customers).  This heightened empathy can be a valuable asset in creative fields, helping you create a product that resonates with a broader audience. We will probably need an entire blog post on just how to be empathetic to others like when they request two dozen cookies on Thursday for a party on the weekend. Um, really?

  5. Risk-Taking: Love can make people more willing to take risks. In the creative process, taking risks and pushing boundaries can lead to innovative and groundbreaking work. Think about the most elaborate set of cookies a customer has requested. Can I make those?  YES, you can!

 Ok, are you seeing how love affects our creativity, i.e., your passion for decorating cookies or baking cakes? During the next few months, you as a baker will be tried and tested to your most extreme limits of endurance.  Will you survive?  Of course you will, because you LOVE to bake!  Not only because it is relaxing and fulfilling, well, some of the time anyway, but because of the love you give and receive throughout the process. 

I hope you will join me in this series of blogs entitled Putting Love Back into your Creativity…and Cookies.

Together we will dive into the absolute passion we have for our artform, and how we can sustain that passion with love throughout the upcoming busy season. My goal is to encourage you throughout the holiday season to continue to deliver your product with a smile all the while maintaining the joy that this journey can bring to you. So stay tuned and check back on Tuesday and Friday for a new installment in this series.

Cookie love,



Image by yanalya on Freepik

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