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Our silicone molds make it possible to create beautifully detailed cakes and... 

  • Instagram Post

    Thank you #sweetsfromthesoul for always getting my cutters and stencils perfect and on time every time!


  • Excited customer!

    Just received my movie theme cutters! Thank you so much, they look amazing! I can't wait to use them! Thanks for the popcorn cutter as well.


  • Making sure you get everything you need.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me. I will make sure that others know how absolutely wonderful you have been.


  • Trying out some new ideas!

    Oh thank you so very much!!! I have a 250 cookie wedding and these (embossers) look amazing!! I'm going to try the fondant recipe. You are right, most people hate making fondant but this seems so easy!


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