Love is patient and kind. Even while I'm baking?

Love is patient and kind. Even while I'm baking?

Putting love back into your creativity…and cookies.

Week 2

Love is patient and kind.

 I have been working on a study of I Corinthians 13, the love chapter, which prompted me to begin thinking of how love affects our ‘mood’ toward creating, baking, and dealing with all the ups and downs of an intensive hobby or business. Let’s face it, it is a LOT of work!  And some days we just do not feel like turning on the oven or messing with icing consistency. In this blog post, the second of this series, I want to focus on love and creativity in regards to patience and kindness.

What happens when you combine love, kindness, and patience with baking?   You create a beautiful recipe for not just delicious treats but also meaningful experiences.

  1. Love in Baking: Baking with love means putting your heart and soul into what you create.  It is about infusing your baked goods with care and affection, making them taste even more special. Notice I said affection and NOT perfection.  The drive for perfection can destroy our love for the art.
  2. Kindness in Baking: Baking with kindness goes beyond the act of baking itself. It’s about sharing your creations with others, brightening their day, and showing that you care.  Kindness can be as simple as sharing cookies with a friend or as impactful as baking for a charitable cause or an order for your business. Your level of kindness shows through your baked products.
  3. Patience in Baking: Baking often requires patience and precision. It’s about waiting for dough to chill, watching royal icing dry (now that's exciting!), or decorating a cake meticulously. Patience in baking can teach valuable life lessons about perseverance and attention to detail.  I have always heard to never pray for patience, for God will put you in a situation to build patience in you! Have you ever flooded a dozen cookies only to return to see the icing running off the sides? Now that’s patience building.
  4. Baking as a Gift: Combining love, kindness, and patience in your baking can turn your treats into thoughtful gifts.  Whether you are baking for a special occasion or for gift giving during the holidays, it is a way to express your feelings and bring joy to others. Cookie gifts will never be returned to the sender.
  5. Mindfulness and Baking: The patience required in baking can also be a form of mindfulness.  Focusing on each step of the baking process can be a meditative experience, helping you stay present and reduce stress. When the process isn’t going as planned and you feel frustration building, stop. Take a break. Refocus and begin again. You will find a type of smoothness setting in to your routine. Rest is also important to maintain mindfulness during the holiday rush.  No more all night sessions in your cookie room!

Incorporating these elements into your baking not only results in tasty treats but also creates opportunities to connect with others, spread positivity, and cultivate qualities like patience and mindfulness.  It is a wonderful way to nourish both the body and the soul resulting in Sweets from the Soul!

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