Chaos Tolerance: Embracing the Messy Magic

Chaos Tolerance: Embracing the Messy Magic

Chaos Tolerance: Embracing the Messy Magic

As we continue to unveil our inner cookie artist, let's explore our chaos tolerance – the ability to thrive amidst the creative whirlwind of cookie decorating. Some decorators thrive in an environment of controlled chaos, where creativity knows no bounds, and every idea is worth exploring. They revel in the spontaneity of the process, embracing the messiness as part of the magic. These artists begin with an idea in their head and simply run with it. They begin by choosing a few basic shape and plaque cutters to create a variety of iced cookies.  They then begin to layer elements until a beautiful design emerges. In fact, I am working on a new collection of element stencils which include masking pieces to use in designing exclusive sets of cookies full of decadent layers of detail.  Stay tuned for that!

Others prefer a more structured approach, where every step is carefully planned and executed. They find comfort in orderliness, knowing that each element of their design has been thoughtfully considered and meticulously arranged. Beginning the design process by sketching out the designs, color pallet, and cookie cutters and stencils can provide a clear vision of the finished product.  This process can be accomplished with using something simple like an idea notebook to sketch out designs or by utilizing a computer illustrator program such as Procreate or Adobe Illustrator.

Consider where you fall on the chaos tolerance spectrum. Are you someone who flourishes in the midst of creative chaos, or do you prefer the tranquility of a well-organized workspace? Embrace your natural inclinations, but don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore new ways of working.

In our next edition of the Soulful Cookie Creations Blog, we will explore our creative soul vs. our structured soul.  How do you balance artistry and method?

If you haven't already, print the Discovery Your True Cookie Design Self checklist to determine your inner cookier!

See you soon!


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