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Welcome to Sweets from the Soul!  We are so happy you are here!  I'm Celia Strickland and I am the owner of Sweets from the Soul.  This company grew out of a desire to make beautiful cookies and cakes in my spare time.  For years, I tried to make shaped sugar cookies with my kids. So many times, the cookie went into the oven beautifully and came out in a huge blob.  No harm. We ate them anyway.  Eventually, I found some no spread cookie dough recipes and went to work making them my own.  I learned about royal icing consistencies, color mixing, and piping techniques to make cookies that were quite beautiful!  Friends and family asked me to make cookies for their events.  The passion grew, and I wanted to learn more about everything cookies.

My biggest challenge was writing on cookies.  Names and cute sayings were difficult to design and create on cookies.  I bought a projector to project images on to cookies to trace.  My writing improved but was still shaky and took a long time to complete on a large order. Frustration set in big time!

Then I discovered stencils.  What a time saver!  The saving grace product for those of us who want to add detail to our cookies quickly.  Stencils can be used with royal icing, Wilton food color spray, or airbrush colors.  Background stencils provide the layer upon which a complete design can be applied or can be added to filler cookies to complete an order.  Stencil sets can add multicolored designs to a project quickly with our clear stencils that make it easy to make an exact placement for each layer. I love designing stencils to fit any theme for all of those special occasions. I'm obsessed!

Speaking of obsessions, I love cookie cutters!  I have boxes of them.  All shapes and sizes.  How about you?  I wouldn't call it a hoarding problem, but it is getting close.  The problem I had in the beginning was that I live in a small town with limited sources for purchasing cookie cutters.  Plus I wanted so many that are simply not available in stores.  I began making themed sets and quickly moved on to cutters that would fit the cute sayings and punchlines that I wanted on my cookies.  So much fun!  

So there you have it.  A company is born out of the need to bake.  I have been an elementary intervention teacher for most of my life with retirement in site.  I am looking forward to designing, creating, and baking my way into retirement.  How about you?  Let us know how you became a baker.  We would love to hear from you!




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